Gila Dining Table


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* Reclaimed / recycled Teak 

1600mm x 770mm x 1600mm

Care & Maintenance
Natural Raw Wood

The wood in this state is untreated, therefore contact with all liquids (especially red wine and oils) should be avoided. Avoid excessive sunlight, dampness, and hot or cold conditions. Clean spills or smudges with a damp cloth. Avoid all polishes, waxes and sealers, unless done by a professional. The natural look and feel of this product is what you love about it, so any marks that might develop should be viewed as added character.

We have a number of Care & Maintenance products and services available for your furniture, please enquire with one of our stores for more details.

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SKU: ARCO016 Category: Dining Tables, Uncovered

* Reclaimed / recycled Teak 

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